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Massage in Essex


Massage has been around for 1,000s of years, and comes from the Greek word “masso”, meaning to touch. It can technically be described as ‘pressing, rubbing and moving muscles and other soft tissues of the body, primarily by using the hands and fingers’. In reality, it is that and a great deal more.

Many people enjoy massage for relaxation, and it remains an extremely popular spa treatments. But there are many different types of massage and it is important to find the type that is best suited to you and your specific requirements. Many therapists practice a whole range of massage treatments, and will often combine different disciplines in order to provide the type of treatment they feel is most suited to their client. For this reason, apart from Indian Head Massage and Sports Massage Therapy, our directory lists all types of massage therapists under the global heading of ‘massage’.


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For a relaxing massage try Aromatherapy , Swedish or a Hot Stone Massage. Deep Tissue Massage is stronger and helps to release chronic muscle tension, or try an invigorating Thai or Tui Na Massage, or an Ayurvedic Massage with oils. Mothers can be trained to massage their babies (Baby Massage) and school children can be taught to massage each other (Massage in Schools). Practitioners may develop their own unique style such as Meditation Massage. The list is endless, and so it is essential when choosing a practitioner that the type of massage is fully discussed, and the therapist is fully qualified in that particular field.

There are certain contra–indications with massage, particularly when aromatherapy oils are used, and as with the majority of complementary treatments it is essential that the therapist ascertains the client’s full medical history.

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