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What's in store
for your health?

When the sun is shining during a lovely warm summer, most of us feel healthier and happier, and definitely more able to cope with life’s little problems.

However, when dull grey weather and shorter days are upon us, it becomes a time when perhaps we feel more anxious and depressed, more prone to colds and flu?

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So how do you deal with this – perhaps when you are doing your big supermarket shop you find a packet of multi-vitamin pills and throw them in your basket? Has there been a friendly and knowledgeable member of staff there to help you make that choice? Are those pills you have multi-vitamin pillsjust bought really the best ones for you? Are they the right strength? You probably have no idea, so next time you feel in need of a remedy why not consider using your local independent Health Store?

And it really does not stop there, because most Health Stores have such a wealth of products and knowledge on all things natural, ethical and environmental you will be amazed! Apart from your vitamins and other supplements, they will probably stock a range of environmentally friendly household cleaners, gluten and wheat-free foods, cruelty-free body care products, nuts and seeds, and so much more. Many also offer intolerance testing and other services, or they may be able to recommend local therapists that could be of assistance.

familyMost staff in independent Health Stores are qualified and/or experienced in helping with a wide range of health conditions including Allergies, Children’s Health, Digestion, Energy, Fatigue, Heart Health, Joint Mobility, Memory, Menopause, Men’s Health, Mouth Ulcers, PMS, Sleep Disorders, Sports Performance, Urinary Health, Weight Control, Women’s Health and much more.

Don’t be afraid to talk about any health concern. They’ve heard it all before – and helped!

So don’t forget, if you want to ward off those winter sniffles, or you need a healthy detox after the excesses of Christmas, or you have any health issues, why not make your local Health Shop your first port of call?

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