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Sunlight ..... not just a bad press

A very important recommendation for a commodity which is still frequently available and, what is more, is totally free.

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Sunlight! Although having suffered a bad press for a number of years, sunlight can be an invaluable aid particularly at this time of year for many, many reasons. Here are just a few:

sunlightIncreased cardiac output and lowering of resting heart rate and high blood pressure by up to 40mm Hg – the Maryland Heart Association found that nudists have a 50% lower incidence of high blood pressure!

sunlightReduction of lactic acid, a substance which can accumulate in muscles causing cramping in limbs.

sunlightIncreased uptake of Vitamin D. Deficiency of this vitamin has been linked to a range of conditions from allergies, diabetes and depression to psoriasis, obesity and osteoporosis.

sunlightMuscle growth, mental performance and thyroid function are all enhanced.

Toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury are eliminated up to 1,000 times faster.

sunlightColds and respiratory infections are reduced by regular sunlight exposure whilst the immune system is strengthened.

Use the sunlight sensibly - even 10 - 20 minutes is great and not at the height of the day during the summer. It’s best taken in through the eyes so try and avoid sunglasses!

Lawrence Collin,
M.R.Pharm.S, L.C.Hom, Pharmacist and Homoeopath

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