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Prioritise Your Health!
How much time and money do we give to looking after our physical and spiritual health?

We spend time, money and energy on our homes, cars, wardrobe, hair and even nails, so why not our bodies? We only consider seeing a complementary therapist as the last resort? Why? Because we want to cure the problem as quick as possible, with as little inconvenience as possible.

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Taking time outIn today’s society we want everything now! All the time and effort has been taken out off everything – we can change the T.V. without moving, microwave a ready made meal at the touch of a button and even do all our shopping, without leaving the house! So where’s the sense of achievement, the exercise, the brain gym or interaction gone from yesterday? It’s because of today’s fast lifestyle that many of us don’t take enough time out to enjoy the small pleasures in life – like have fun with friends, getting back to nature, exercise, enjoying hobbies, cooking healthy meals and listening to our bodies needs.

Complementary therapies are not instant cures, often taking a little longer to work. The reason being is they often treat the cause of the problem not just the symptoms, hence often curing your problem once and for all.

What should you do if you feel unwell?
In many countries modern medicine and complementary therapies run hand in hand. Often the patient taking the minimum amount of prescribed drugs along side complementary therapies and a change of lifestyle. This minimises the prescribed medication side effects, which could be extremely damaging to the body in high, long term doses. This appears to work very well.

So once you have been diagnosed by the doctor, find yourself a good therapist and spend some time on yourself, after all you are the most important person in your life and if you have not got your health you have nothing! I know I lost my confidence, business, money, friends and will to live when I was crippled with arthritis and had three spine fusions. I had to travel to Australia in a wheel chair to get better. I changed my lifestyle totally and came back fit and well. Today I am a different person – happy, healthy and confident and want to help others find better health and inner peace.

My oldest client is in her mid nineties. Up till last year she was still gardening and living an active life. She uses complementary therapies in conjunction with modern medicine, and has always led an active, healthy lifestyle plus a healthy diet. It’s always a pleasure to visit my lady, as she looks and feels so much better, when I leave her, after a therapy of Reiki and happy childKinesiology.

My youngest client is only seven and was picked on at school because she looked eight months pregnant! Doctors and hospital tests showed nothing medically wrong. Her mother brought her to me. Having suffered Candida myself I knew the symptoms, and a food sensitivity test using Kinesiology showed the same indications. Today she has a flatter stomach, more confidence and lots more energy.

Wendy Edwardes
Evolution Holistics

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