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The Power of Thought


The Power of Thought

If you knew that every thought you think is helping shape your future experiences would you try and change them?


Have you got any idea just how many thoughts you have every day? Scientists have estimated that we can have between to 60,000 to 90,000 thoughts per day. Phew! Every thought you send out has an energy that goes out into the universe. The universe then in turn reacts to those thoughts.

Powerof thoughtAre you a victim of your thoughts? Would you like to have the power to be the director of your own life and shape your own future?

Now I ask you to consider the sort of thoughts you have on a typical day. Start from when you wake up, breakfast, getting yourself ready for the day, throughout your day, thoughts about the people you see, work or play with, and then into the evening until you retire.

Just observe your typical thoughts on an average day. Are they mostly positive or are they mostly negative? Typically, a lot of people find that their inner dialogue is quite negative.



Carol S Sheridan DHP LAPHP
Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner
Amritha Limited


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