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Financial assistance for people living with disabilities.

Financial assistance for people living with disabilities.

The topic of assistance for people living with a disability is one that Ella Moss has a personal interest in and something she is passionate about raising awareness of. With a background in finance and writing she is well placed to advise people on this issue through her informative guides, which are listed below.

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Help with debt when you have a disability

Living with a disability can increase the risk of debt. However, there are measures you can use to manage your money problems. Ella discusses these steps and sources of financial help that may prove useful.

The additional costs of being a student with a disability

Disabled StudentHaving a disability as a student doesn't just bring with it the costs of your care, but it is also more expensive to fund your education. Ella makes you aware of the additional costs you face in this guide.

Funding for disabled students

Students with disabilities face additional costs when they enter higher education. However, you may be entitled to additional funding to help finance your studies. Ella explains what extra financial assistance may be available to you.

The financial implications of equipment needed by wheelchair-using students

For students who use a wheelchair, there are a range of additional costs associated with this. Ella provides details of these considerations to help you plan for university.

Financial help if your child has a disability

Raising children is especially costly when they have a disability. Help is available to cover the costs relating to their care and mobility needs and you may also be entitled to assistance with housing costs or income support if you can't work. Ella discusses the benefits you and your child may be entitled to.

Help with home adaptations when you have a disability

If you require adaptations to your home as a result of your disability, funding is available to assist with the costs of these. However, it is important to understand how to apply for these and your responsibilities once completed. Ella covers this topic to make you more aware of the issues.

Ella Moss is a freelance writer working on a project with to provide information on the financial help available to people living with disability.

30th October 2013

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