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20 Learnable Habits of Happy and Healthy-Minded People

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1. Plan your days

Planning your day allows you to sustain a clear mind that is focused on set objectives towards a purpose, because when we have a purpose, we feel valuable and when we feel valuable, our self-esteem increases.

As self-help author, entrepreneur and motivational lecturer Jim Rohn once advised,
"never begin the day until it is finished on paper".

If you honestly desire to seize the most from any day, you need to plan your time efficiently for what needs to be done by designing a specific list of tasks before the day has begun.

Christening each morning by completing the most arduous task first will take the pressure off of the rest of the list and give you so much of a buzz that you will power through the remaining tasks with ease.

2. Create clear and precise goals

Napoleon Hill suggests in order to achieve success, we must know exactly what it is in which we want in detail, and by creating clear and specific Power Goals, we find finally ourselves knowing exactly what to aim for and where to direct ourselves instead of hoping one day we'll get close to something we imagine we kind of want.

When you create goals that are vague and distant, there is no clear path, you feel as if you can never reach it and it is impossible to a achieve a goal when you don't even know what that goal is.

By specifying your goals completely, you can then begin to study the path toward them and realise that the dream is reachable. You then have a pathway to success, and all you need to do is follow that path with persistence.

Nothing will make you feel more in touch with your purpose in life than having large, specific power goals based on your core passions.

3. Eat the right things

We often feel lethargic and not quite right, but our priorities today rely less and less on efficiently feeding our bodies pure foods from our natural diet that give us optimal performance mentally and physically because we are convinced and brainwashed to believe junk food makes us more happier.

Fruit and VegIt isn't easy to leave this cult because we are surrounded by cheap readily processed foods, covered in salt and refined sugar and we've become accustomed to the these dominating tastes but finding tasty healthy recipes online or in books is easier than it's ever been today.

Ask yourself, how can you expect your body to perform optimally when you're not giving it the right levels of the things it needs? Think of it like a good quality battery, compared to a cheap battery; eating the appropriate things for your body will give you more energy and in turn release natural endorphins in the brain. We are all smart enough to know better and when you're taking care of your health, you begin to feel happier, more energetic and gain more respect for yourself.

Keep cakes, sweet treats and junk food as the novelty they are supposed to be, not as a main source of energy. Occasionally indulging in those things will make you happier for the sheer one-off novelty of them.

4. Keep a clear working space

As they say, a clear space is a clear mind, and keeping your work space clean and simple will help improve your focus, comfort and you are more likely to zone into your work.

For a lot of us, keeping motivational quotes, inspiration boards and muses pinned to the wall can really spark our enthusiasm for work, but try to learn how much is overstimulating and suffocating and pay close attention to your comfort levels and how productive you are in that space.

With less one finds oneself, with more one loses oneself.

5. Embrace the universe within you

Fully accept every part of you, inside and out.

Love yourself for all your quirks and realise they make you interesting and mean you offer something new and different to the world than most people. Deny no part of the passions, values coded deep within you, just freely and effortlessly let your stars shine through, and always channel your best intentions.
Embrace the universe within
When you fully embrace the universe within you, you begin to become kinder and more forgiving, people find you more beautiful and the world becomes your oyster, things begin to fold in your favour and the right people begin to gravitate towards your life.

Be the most undiluted version of yourself you can be and watch what it does for you.

6. Let your passions consume you

To boost your motivation and revive your passion for life, allow yourself to be completely, utterly and madly inlove with what drives you because this will not only boost your self esteem but also your success and inturn give you a fantastic enriched quality of life that will feel right because it is your true life.

7. Forgive mistakes of yourself and others

The most damaging thing you can do to your esteem and self-confidence is to pin blame to yourself because this unlearnable rotten habit is food for eroding guilt and from guilt comes feelings of unworthyness and undeservingness that can eat away at you and make you feel as though you are undeserving and not good enough for certain people, earning more money or following your dreams.

You are a more informed person every day because of your mistakes and you should not punish now for something you would not do now.

Forgive everything. Forgive yourself, forgive your parents, forgive everyone that ever hurt you. Forgviness is not an easy task because on some levels we feel like we've earned the right to feel victimised because our values have been crossed, but this only serves to stay in an emotionally devistating state that wastes our time and energy, remember, forgiveness is a selfish exercise to give you the freedom to claim back your life and shrug off the bad things.

Release all bad feeling, knowing that you are a responsible and strong person that has chosen to not care anymore.

8. Give up worrying

As soon as you begin to compulsively worry about a problem, recognise you are using your power of imagination ineffectively, when you could actually be using it for finding solutions and reasons to stay positive.

Like a scab, picking at your emotions will only make the scars worse, and although worrying is often our initial reaction, the act of worrying or not worrying will not affect the outside circumstance from which has set us into this frantic spiral of misery, the only thing that will change is your attitude towards your problems.

Worry and watch yourself chase the tail of your own emotions or realise if you stay calm and collected, at least you will feel better about the problem at hand.

9. Keep a journal

Keep a journalBy keeping a journal, you can observe your relationship with yourself improve over time in a place where you can write in all honesty how you're feeling about anything.

Bottled up thoughts, emotions and ideas are overlayed and end up tripping over each other but writing these thoughts down enables you to observe them one at a time, while setting them free and transfering their energy away from you into something you can later observe if you choose, without cluttering your every day mind.

After all, you wouldn't take all your belongings everywhere you go, would you?

10. Take scheduled breaks away

Sometimes we just run out of gas for being passive for too long. Like we are wandering around meaninglessly.

We get fed up and lethargic, we need to revive the charge of passion, purpose and independence we've lost.

Save short regular periods in your calendar to get away by yourself to reconnect with yourself and your goals and purpose in life.

This time away from even things you love will allow you to really get back on track and have a sense of clarity in your life again so that when you return to your life you feel full of energy and ready to pick up where you left off.

11. Make time for you and your hobbies

make time for hobbiesLearn to love time spent by yourself, don't be afraid of it, it is a valuable opportunity to stay intouch with your hobbies that keep you feeling valuable and independent from everybody else.

Being bored or afraid of spending time alone only shows you have not allowed yourself to be independent and you rely too much on other people to cushion your insecurities.

Having hobbies allows you to feel like an individual and being good at something makes you valuable to other people and improves your confidence in yourself as a person.

12. Create new goals and plans often

By creating new goals for yourself or you family often, you are never allowing life to become a stale and mundane experience, because there is always something to work towards.

Humans love games and achievements, they are the things that motivate us the most. and by setting ourselves goals, life becomes a fun game platform towards that achievement rather than a bumbling grind.

Your children will begin to naturally adopt this habit in their lives and it will help them become empowered, motivated and successful people with direction and purpose.

13. No one is coming

Accept that no one is coming to save you.

A terribly daunting fact that terrifies the best of us to know that no one will ever come to save us, only we can save ourselves.

Once you accept that fact, you begin to take responsibility and ownership of your own life and realise you are all you will ever need and nobody else.

14. Ignore the small voices

ignore those small voicesWhenever trying something new or pursuing our dreams, there will always be opposition from the inside to "remind" us that we're unworthy to stop us from venturing outside of its comfort zone.

These voices are there to warn you you are 'dangerously' close to venturing outside of your comfort zone, but that's what we want, all of the interesting places we want to go are outside of the comfort bubble we've created, and these little voices actually serve to tell you you're nearly there and you just need to keep going!

15. If you fall down, just get back up

When we fail, it can be easy to just throw in the towel and say "that's it! I give up!" but conversely it is just as easy to say "okay, well that way didn't work, I'll try again." it is just a matter of your dominating thoughts, if they are negative then you will give up, if they are positive then you will continue.

These thoughts are completely within your control, to choose which way you go. Both are just as easy as each other.

16. Spend your mundane activities strategically

When riding in the car or doing the housework or getting ready for work, try putting on a self-help tape for motivation or confidence.

By doing this, you are transmuting these mential activities into important and valuable activities that will not only offer you a skip in your step for that day, but absolutely help you develop into a stronger, happier person.

17. Find more time

A lot of people say "I don't have enough time in the day to do..." but if you really evaluate your life, is that really true?

Making time for something is actually about giving something up, to free up that time slot.

Recognise what it is in your day that you can sacrifice for important things you feel you "never" have the time for.

18. Stop putting activities "on your tab"

It can be incredibly easy to make excuses and convince ourselves to put off activities we'd rather do later to save our current self living in this moment the aggravation and pressure.
This is actually un-healthy behaviour that only adds weight to the activity that our future self has to deal with.stop putting activities on your tab

Instead of forever in debt to yourself, falling behind, exhaustedly chasing your own tail, learn to get in the habit of doing the complete opposite and doing as much now as you possibly can, to free up your future self, this will give you much more energy knowing how free you are and you will respect yourself for getting so much done.

Learn to be your own disciple and consider yourself as your own fun little 'project' to progress as far as you can.

19. Write affirmations to recite every day

How often do you say to yourself "I am unattractive" or "I am unintellegent"? You know deep down these statements are incorrect, but your skewed self-image you have developed will tell you otherwise, and because that thought is weighed by feelings of belief where you have repeated them so much, that becomes your reality.

Now what if I were to tell you to tell yourself instead "I am beautiful" or "I am very intellegent", you may feel silly at first because these statements conflict with the ones you have lead to believe. But these beliefs have been planted through repeatition, and if "I am beautiful" was repeated through your head more times than "I am unattractive" you would begin to overright that first belief.

Write out a list of things you would like to believe about yourself and recite them every single day, without fail.

Say them with feeling as if you were an actor.

You will feel silly at first, but after a few days, you will start to notice that feeling go and feelings of empowerment creep in.

This is probably one of the most important and life-changing activities to controlling your self-esteem that you would use.

20. Help other people achieve their dreams

They say you can have any experience you want in life, if you simply give that experience away to another person.

It can be much easier to help others achieve their dreams because it isn't our lives and our fears at stake and we can use that power to help motivate and empower others and in turn feel a truemendous feeling of pride and power for being able to do so, which is an amazing source of motivation for us for our own others achieve their dreams

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