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The Art Ministry

The Art Ministry

The Art Ministry is a registered charity providing high quality, accessible arts and crafts opportunities for all.


“The best club in Essex.” - Cindy For over 20 years, we have been running clubs and classes from our dedicated art room in the heart of Hadleigh, Essex. We also take The Art Ministry into the community through our creative workshops and exhibitions.

"The Art Ministry class is a wonderful place to be and we have opportunities to do things you might not be able to do at other places." - David

We believe that making, sharing and learning can improve everyone's well-being – especially those less able or disadvantaged. Our clubs, classes and projects are designed to bring out people's creativity in a supportive environment that helps boost self esteem and provide social interaction.

Making connections

The Art Ministry aims to improve self esteem and reduce social isolation in south east Essex through participation in arts and crafts activities.

MargaretOur classes provide valuable social connections for many members and volunteers. We also provide a platform for those less able to share their creativity and reach a wide audience through our annual exhibition and the Hadleigh Art Trail.

The Art Ministry engages with the local community by providing arts and crafts activities at events such as the Old Leigh Regatta, Leigh Maritime Festival, the Lions Mid Summer Sports Day and Fun Festival, and the Daws Heath Village Fair.

You too can join in

We run a wide variety of classes throughout the week, including classes for children and adults with learning difficulties, adults with visual impairments, physical disabilities and mental health problems.

For a small weekly fee you can join as a class member, like Cindy and David, or become one of our class volunteers and help people like Sue exceed her expectations:

Craft at the Art Ministry"I have been amazed at what I achieved under the expert guidance of our class leader. The patience and kindness of our team of volunteer's beggars belief at times." - Sue

If you can't take part or spare the time you can help more people gain confidence through arts and crafts, and become part of a caring community by donating at:

If you can't spare time or money, but have unwanted arts and crafts materials, then why not donate them to The Art Ministry.

If you would like us to give a talk about The Art Ministry please contact us by one of the options below.

Contact Us
07582 025163
1 Church Road, Hadleigh, Essex SS7 2DQ
Registered Charity Number: 1108227

The Art Ministry Summer 2015

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