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CHAPs - the mens health charity



This is the first in a series of articles from CHAPS, the Essex-based charity dedicated to Men's Health and Well-Being.

Because far too many UK men die prematurely and unnecessarily from a range of preventable causes, we believe that if men are aware of what can go wrong and why, then at least they have a chance to take their own preventative measures and make the most of health services already available for early detection and cure.

Man over 60To raise awareness we focus constantly on causes of premature death and highlight the early warning signs that indicate a potentially serious underlying problem. For instance, the two main causes of premature death in men – heart disease and cancer – can almost always be corrected or cured if caught early enough. We raise awareness through our website, and through free and downloadable publications such as our main booklet "Key Issues & How To Get Advice" and our "Men's Health Passport". The former is a short, easy to read but comprehensive and authoritative booklet dealing with all major men's health problems. The latter is a passport-sized leaflet listing "red flag" symptoms such as blood in the urine, a summary of cancer screening services and a handy form to record all your important, personal medical data.

Our next Men's Health Days are shown on the Healthy Life Essex Wellbeing Events page where we will be providing Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screening for men aged 60 and over, heart and stroke risk assessment for men aged 30-80 and PSA-based Prostate Cancer Screening – men's commonest cancer and second worst cancer killer – for men aged over 40.

We like to work with all groups promoting health, with women as well as for men, and can provide speakers on a range of topics including the NHS reforms. Please don't hesitate to contact us by phone on 07734-747854 or 01206-321253 or e-mail us at Our talks are free!

CHAPS is a Lottery Funded charity but we also raise funds on our health days, charity dinners and other events such as our Golf Days. Visit the Healthy Life Essex Community and Fundraising events page for more information on forthcoming fundraising events.

In the next article we will deal with the links between the commonest male problems and how we can avoid them.

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