Quality sleep

sleeping girl

The key to a healthy mind and body With the days shortening and the nights drawing in, it’s safe to say that a few extra hours under the duvet wouldn’t go amiss. But with the demands of modern life and our love of technology and screen time, fitting … [Read more...]

Ways to stay healthy on a budget

porridge with raspberries and almonds

The fitness industry in the UK has experienced huge growth in the last few years, with more gym memberships and gym gear being bought than ever before. Aviva research shows that despite 64% of 16-34 year-olds not saving as much money as they’d … [Read more...]

Garden Wellbeing

Going to the gym can feel like a chore, can’t it? But, what if you could get the same benefits from stepping out the door into your garden? Well, you can – although you need to do a little bit more than step out there. If you enjoy gardening and … [Read more...]


Cap Money Course

Money issues can really have an impact causing stress, pressure and even problems with relationships.  CAP is a national charity which specialises in helping people with their money management; that charity believes that managing your finances as … [Read more...]

Is your Air Conditioning making you sick?

Air Conditioning & Your Health – Infographic

For most of us, air conditioning can be a blessing in the hot, sticky days of summer,but could it be damaging your health? Did you know that there is even an illness called ‘sick building syndrome’ and issues with air conditioning can be one of the … [Read more...]