Teaching children about money

Teaching children about money

 Why do we need to teach children about money? Money is the biggest cause of stress[1], and stress is now being named ‘the killer disease’[2]. You can join the dots. With the mounting pressures of modern-day life, it’s absolutely vital that we … [Read more...]

Are you an unpaid Carer in Southend?

Are you an unpaid Carer based in Southend? Would you be interested in voicing your opinions and discussing the types of provision available for carers? The Southend Carers Hub plans to have Carers voices at the heart of planning the support it … [Read more...]

The Human Brain


The Science Behind the Human Brain – Protecting Your Most Vital Organ The mysteries of the brain may never be fully unravelled but what we do know is fascinating. The brain is made up of billions of different neurons and nerve fibres and they all … [Read more...]

Maintaining mobility in later years

Maintaining our mobility as we get older is important to all of us. Common sense generally informs us of what we should and shouldn't be doing to ensure we keep fit and active, but a little reminder often doesn't come amiss! This short video provided … [Read more...]