Feng Shui for your wardrobe

Katy Dyer

Making it Personal! In the search for something a little different and perhaps more zen than rule-based, I discovered Fashion Feng Shui®. The perfect addition to all that I know, train and share about personal styling. Following style rules on … [Read more...]

Autism and Creative Thinking

Mountains by Louis Morel

Autism awareness For many years, young people struggling with autism were labelled as being slow and unsociable, often disruptive. Although research continues, the condition is now much better understood. Autism is a lifelong developmental … [Read more...]

A Day of Liberation at The Atrium

I’ve always avoided being part of a women’s collective. I’m not a feminist, never been tempted to burn my bra or grab a placard. So I was apprehensive about attending the International Bazaar on 6 March. Boosted by my friend’s enthusiasm, we … [Read more...]