Garden Wellbeing

Going to the gym can feel like a chore, can’t it? But, what if you could get the same benefits from stepping out the door into your garden? Well, you can – although you need to do a little bit more than step out there.

If you enjoy gardening and you have a beautiful outdoor space at the end of it, it certainly won’t feel like a chore, will it?

In fact you don’t even need to be out there that long to feel the benefits. Just 30 to 45 minutes of gardening can burn around 150 to 300 calories. On top of that you will work all you major muscles, improve your mood and get plenty of fresh air.

However, while there are endless health benefits, you do also have to be careful not to injure yourself. Gardener’s back, pruner’s neck and weeder’s wrist can all be the end result of a day spent gardening.  

So, before you pick up that spade, take a look at this infographic from Bakker that tells you how to avoid sprains and pains.  

Say Goodbye to Gardening Aches & Pains

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