Money issues can really have an impact causing stress, pressure and even problems with relationships.  CAP is a national charity which specialises in helping people with their money management; that charity believes that managing your finances as best as possible is an essential element of leading a healthy life.  Ian Piper from CAP in Southend says: “One of the key areas is to save or to have savings and it seems that a lot of people simply pay bills, spend and scrape by or even live beyond their means”.

If you do not save, then when Christmas comes there is no money in the kitty.  When the car needs fixing which falls outside warranty or the boiler breaks down (if you do not have any boiler insurance) or the unexpected happens, there is no money aside to pay for these things, so the only way is to take credit.

Would it not feel so much better to have some money in the bank saved or being saved so you can pay for these things when they come along rather than have debt?

Or what about those things you really want to do or to have but cannot afford?  Say like getting married or going on a luxury holiday or being debt free?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could save, pay and do those things?

But you may say “with the cost of living these days we just cannot save”.  Well the good Cap Money Coursenews is you can save in these times!  CAP Money has many ways to help people to “save and buy” rather than “buy now pay later”.  CAP has a proven FREE course that is run throughout the country where many have had their lives transformed because of money issues including saving for the future.

We can all be savvier with our finances. Why not contact CAP Money by going online at to find your nearest FREE CAP Money Course. Get booked in and start a new healthier life with your finances in a much better way.  Some courses can also provide crèche facilities which can be FREE too.

If you live in the Southend area Call Ian Piper on 07813 304454 or email;

It’s true – your life will be healthier with good money management!!

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