Feng Shui for your wardrobe

Making it Personal!

In the search for something a little different and perhaps more zen than rule-based, I discovered Fashion Feng Shui®. The perfect addition to all that I know, train and share about personal styling. Following style rules on colour, shape and your personal characteristics makes shopping for clothes and putting outfits together far easier than you may ever have imagined. Fashion Feng Shui® builds on this by adding your desires and intentions to create a wardrobe that is useful, practical and completely wearable no matter what the occasion, but also gives complete insight into why you really love some items and why some (even though you once adored them) just don’t feel quite you anymore; essentially dressing authentically in a way that REALLY feels like you.

For me, the word that really encompasses the process is JOY.  So how does it work?

clothes darkFashion Feng Shui® is a method inspired by Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese Art of Placement. Based on the premise that you live a more harmonious existence when your environments are balanced, Feng Shui encourages you to visually and physically affirm your intentions in your personal and professional surroundings in order to create them in your life. So if Feng Shui is based on the environments in which you live and work, how about making it personal – the influence of what you wear. With this, Fashion clothes lightFeng Shui® teaches you how to dress with mindfulness so that the way you dress reflects your soul and your intention.

Working with the Chinese Five Life Forming Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal Fashion Feng Shui establishes four components to understanding and creating your authentic personal style so that your clothes will:

  • FULFILL the Essence of who you are
  • FORTIFY you to attract your Intention
  • FLATTER your Appearance
  • FUNCTION for your Lifestyle

necklacesThe result is a flexible formula to create a wardrobe that works and also feels just right, for you. You have the ability to create the wardrobe for exactly who you are – and who you want to be.

So if you feel that you need something more than simple rules for dressing and insight making getting dressed altogether more fun, Fashion Feng Shui® will give you the support you need to add that element of zen to your wardrobe – and your life.

Katy DyerKaty Dyer is an award-winning style coach and corporate image consultant. Katy works with clients across the South East and is skilled at helping people discover the confidence to change or develop their personal or professional style and image – whether it’s a new career, a new stage in your life or simply finding the right outfit for a special occasion. For more details about the products and services available, visit www.katydyer.com or email katy@katydyer.com


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