Fantastic fitness classes in Colchester

Fantastic fitness classes at Jump street in Colchester

Fitness class at Jump Street

Want to get fit but don’t like the gym? If you live in or near Colchester, a new range of fitness classes available at Jump Street, Colchester’s popular trampoline park, could be the answer!

Jump Street is expanding its increasingly popular programme of fitness classes to cover a variety of styles including: trampoline skills, cardio & strength, legs, bums & tums, yoga & pilates, circuit training and post natal fitness. Each different class is open to all levels of skill and fitness and will incorporate a range of health benefits including weight loss, improved strength and stamina as well as helping to reduce stress whilst burning up to 1000 calories per hour.

Tony Hudson, GM at Jump Street, said: “We’re really happy that the fitness programme has been so popular and, in line with feedback and requests, we’ve added lots more variety and many more sessions. Working out on a trampoline can improve your coordination and agility and, since it puts your musculoskeletal system under slight stress, promotes stronger bones and can ward off osteoporosis. One of the major benefits is that it’s a low-impact workout meaning it’s much easier on joints so it’s good for people recovering from injuries.”

Classes available

Jump Fitness classJump Fitness: A cardiovascular class using basic trampoline skills with a small amount of strength training and a whole lot of fun!

Jump Skill Fitness: A fun way to get fit and learn trampolining at the same time. Trampoline skills are taught throughout the class.

Jump LBT: This class is designed to target those problematic areas of the legs, bums and tums whilst improving fitness and aiding weight loss.

Jump - Mind Body and SoJump Mind & Body: This class incorporates both Yoga and Pilates along with balance to create a complete mind and body experience.

Jump Camp: A fat burning circuit based class using a variety of body weight and equipment based exercises to improve fitness and all over muscle tone.

Buggy Jump Camp: This class is designed for post-natal mums who want to ease themselves back into exercise. The class will include a mixture or light trampolining fitness, functional muscle toning and core strengthening exercises. Babies in buggies are welcome etc

Jump fitness classIf you don’t live in Colchester watch out for a trampoline park opening near you. Trampolining combines fun and fitness and is great for all ages so its a fabulous activity for the whole family. New centres are rapidly opening across the country.
For information on the fitness programme at Jump Street in Colchester and to book please visit the website

Jump Street | Indoor Trampoline Park Colchester, Essex

Jump Street is a world where the wall becomes the floor and the rules of gravity no longer apply. The rush of Jump Street is infectious …

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