Asperger Syndrome and Autism in Essex

I had a fabulous meeting today with the lovely Andrea, Development Worker for SAFE: Supporting Asperger Families in Essex. Andrea not only does a great job in helping to support and develop this wonderful charity, but also has three teenage boys to cope with who are all on the spectrum. In spite of the challenges of day to day life and the impassioned work she is doing for SAFE, Andrea still finds time for a number of other activities including singing in the church choir – a truly inspirational lady!

Anyway, back to SAFE. The charity was formed in 1987 by a group of parents of children with Asperger syndrome who got together to support each other and other families in Essex in a similar situation. The charity is run almost exclusively by volunteers, mostly people who have a very personal understanding of the syndrome and how it affects the lives of not only those living with the condition, but also their families.

There are various support groups and activities across Essex, with a particularly thriving group in Southend. For more information, visit the website:

Jill Poet

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