3 Things You Absolutely Must Practice If You Want To Lead An Overall Successful Life

We all want success and it means different things to different people.

Some wants lots of money (OK lets be honest, most want lots of money – Yes, I know there are some of you who think it is vulgar to even think of it in such terms)…

Others want to have the relationship of their dreams…

Others want to be healthy enough to do all the things they dream of…

Others want an intimate and strong connection with God/The Universe.

And even within these broad bands of success, each person has a different picture of what success really means to them.  In my work with clients, I have still not seen two people with exactly the same desires and wants and dreams and that is perfectly okay as we are all unique individuals.

However, despite all the differences, there are some key concepts that we all must practice, if we are ever to make our dreams a reality.  If you are fed up of living beneath what you think is possible for you then maybe it is time to see if you are missing one of these traits.  You can then start to very deliberately design your life exactly the way you want it.

Here they are…

1.    Be very clear on what you want.

When last did you take the time to translate what you think you want to paper or text on a screen or anywhere outside of your head?  When last did you write out your goals and devise a new plan to get there?  Are you exceptionally clear on what you want or is there a part of you that thinks you don’t want to be too clear because the disappointment will be too much to bear.

I lived unclear for a very long time and wondered why I never seemed to get anywhere.  It felt like I was going round in circles, moving forward slightly then twenty steps back.  Just the act of writing my goals and dreams down almost every morning made such a huge difference to where my time was spent and life began to change for the better almost immediately.

JournalSuggestion – Get a journal, start writing down your big ideas and visualizing your ideal day.  You are already living your less than ideal day and that is always on your mind.  Unless you deliberately displace it, you will remain there forever.

2.    Ask, Ask, Ask, for what you want

Now that you are pretty clear about what it is that you want, it is time to start asking the universe for what you want.  And when I say the Universe, yes I do mean that it is great to read your goals out loud in the present tense – So I would say “I, Rosemary, am making £334,000 each and every month by serving people with my writing, speaking, singing and coaching/mentoring”.

And even more than that, get into the habit of watching out for opportunities and asking for help in getting where you want to go.  Do not be afraid of your goals and dreams!  Do not be afraid of what people will think of you if you start promoting yourself.  Do not be afraid to ask your partner to treat you in a certain way…  Do not be afraid to get help with your health if you are uncertain about how to do it alone.  Do not be afraid to ask anyone for anything.  Of course, take action on getting what you want but most of the time, the solution is found in another person doing something to help us along.

There is a solution to your every need and want and you can have everything you want if you will ask for it.  The worst anyone can say to you is ‘No’ and then you move on to ask the next person.  Don’t be attached to getting a result in a certain way – Do your bit and ask and see what happens next with your focus still on the goal.

3.    Practise Gratitude

Get into the habit of being thankful for what you have at the moment so you are not always living in the ‘want’ phase.  The ‘want’ phase leads to a deep feeling of despondency, as you focus on all you do not have yet.  

Whereas learning to live your life in gratitude makes you happier now while expanding into all that you want to receive.  It makes you a more attractive person, which will certainly help with the second part of this 3-step plan.  People tend to want to help people who are cheerful and positive!

But this is more for your emotional well-being, you will feel deeply happy when you master the art of looking for things to be grateful for.

How are you doing with these? 

Rosemary Nonny Knight
Business Growth Coach

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Rosemary was a pharmacist until she decided to drop out of the rat-race and create wealth her way and now she teaches others how to make the same transition and how to life happy, wealthy, fulfilling lives

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