Snow big deal!

cosy fire

This week, words such as 'CHAOS', 'DISRUPTION', 'SUFFERING' and 'DANGER' have flooded our media and extrapolated a very negative perception of those pretty little snowflakes that initially fell so softly. The essence of severity seems to have been of … [Read more...]

Spice up your bird food to deter pesky squirrels

Grey Squirrel

Fed up with filling your bird feeder and seeing a cheeky grey squirrel help itself? Well the RSPB has a spicy answer to your problem. Chilli powder is a safe and effective way of ensuring that only the intended recipients of bird seed get the … [Read more...]

Wanted! your used Postage Stamps

Christmas Stamps

The Huntingtons Disease Association Southend is asking people to save the stamps they get on Christmas cards and regular post. The stamps can then be sold to help with funding for the association. What a splendid opportunity to help a worthwhile … [Read more...]

The Waxwing Cometh

The Waxwing

Britain is once again being invaded from the north. The invasion, or to put it more precisely, the 'irruption' in question is that of the Waxwing, one of the less familiar of British Birds and also one of the most attractive. Each year the eastern … [Read more...]