Be happy today!

Baiju Solanki of Performance Coaching and Training reminds us that we should be happy today: "Life Is Short  We grow old filled with regrets... ...for things not done. ...for words not said. ...for love not shown.  Life is too … [Read more...]

More Meat Free Menus!

There is a lot of scientific evidence to show that one of the ways to reduce carbon emissions and climate change is to reduce meat intake, or to stop it entirely. This is an excellent way to help the environment. But the problem I encounter is … [Read more...]

Saving the Paradise Forests

I received this e-mail from GreenPeace today and wanted to share it with you. "My name is Valerie Phillips and I am the head of the Greenpeace forests campaign. I am writing to you today to ask for your help. The Paradise Forests of Papua New … [Read more...]

Alternative heating fuels

Over the past few years heating bills have risen markedly, largely to ongoing gas price rises. One alternative means of heating is a wood burning stove. These may not only be a cheaper to run than electric heating, but a number of conservation … [Read more...]