Yeast: diary of a dis-ease

Are you suffering from unexplained, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)-style problems that don't seem to go away? Then you may be experiencing a surprising problem... For a couple of months I've had bouts of lethargy, depression, mood swings, … [Read more...]

Friends of Southchurch Hall Gardens

I lived near Southchurch Hall Park when I first came to Southend over thirty years ago. It is a beautiful little park with delightful gardens, lake and historical buildings. The Southchurch Park Watch scheme are now hoping to establish a Friends … [Read more...]

Little Egret Roost Watch

A good crowd for the Little Egret watch

On the evening of 14 August, Glen and I joined members of the Essex Wildlife Trust for the annual Little Egret Roost Watch. By the time we arrived at the viewing point on Two Tree Island there was already a good crowd of people.   Binoculars and … [Read more...]