Ban cosmetic use of pesticides!

Ann and Pete Wilson used to live in Colchester but have now moved to Toronto, Canada. They enjoy visits 'home ' but were quite shocked on their last visit when then realised the amount of chemicals being used by the local council. Ann said: "My … [Read more...]

The cruel Japanese whaling program.

There were shocking facts revealed earlier this week at the IWC (International Whaling Committee) on the cruelty of the Japanese whaling program.  It has been revealed that one third of the whales harpooned by Japanese whalers in the Southern … [Read more...]

Conquer Stress!

From an early age, the majority of us are taught to take the stresses of life with the positives.  From starting school, through to job interviews and the usual every day worries, stress forms an inevitable part of our journey through life. But what … [Read more...]

Trailing round Leigh

Leigh is a great summer town and one of my favourite weeks in June is the Leigh Art Trail.   This year more venues have taken part, offering community events and music and the opportunity for young people to be involved. The event was kicked off … [Read more...]

Castle Point Show


Castle Point Show   I attended the annual Castle Point Show on June 21 in my role as a Greengrid Volunteer with Taskforce Officers Jackie Humberstone and Ginette Braithwaite.   Waterside Farm Showground on Canvey was the perfect venue for … [Read more...]