Treatment of hernias

South East Essex PCT is just starting a project group looking at the treatment of hernias in the community and they are looking for some volunteers to work with them on this.  You would need to have had a hernia yourself or have a close relative or … [Read more...]

St. Lukes Healthy Living Centre

Gareth Gault, the Social Enterprise Director of St. Lukes Healthy Living Centre C.I.C in Southend, is delighted to announce that funding has been received from the Social Enterprise Investment Fund. This will facilitate their plans, in conjunction … [Read more...]

Reduce running costs and increase mpg.

Edward Fenner of Secure Site UK has just sent through the following tips which many of you might find useful: Also a recent info email we received has resulted in a 10% increase in mpg on our fleet. Top tips to achieve same are:  Remove … [Read more...]

A very large polytunnel!

Just a little update for everyone out there who is interested in the latest exploits of  our "Poly tunnel and the chooks (and ducks)".  The great weather at the weekend saw the main framework go up with some help from Ian (our nephew). Quite … [Read more...]

Kids shampoo linked to Leukemia

In case anyone missed this from Yahoo news  Some popular children's bath products have been found to contain cancer-causing chemicals, according to research carried out in the United States. 'Kids' Shampoo Contains Dangerous Chemicals' An … [Read more...]