Health, fitness & wellbeing courses in Essex.

For anyone looking to improve their health, wellbeing and fitness in the New Year, Essex County Council are offering a fantastic range of  health, wellbeing and fitness courses  that are reduced by 50%. Better still, a new programme will soon be … [Read more...]

Southend Wild Reptile Rescue Team

I attended a Social Enterprise event recently and a group of young people were given an award for outlining, in a very short space of time,  a very good social enterprise model that would help disabled children attend mainstream school. Let's hope … [Read more...]

Irish pork – and our misleading labelling laws.

The Irish food safety authorities have ordered a blanket ban on the sale of all Irish-produced pork products, a measure supported by Britain's Food Standards Agency. Pork, ham, bacon, sausages and other processed foods from Ireland are at the centre … [Read more...]

Ingrebourne Hill

Sunday was still a crisp, cold day but with clear blue skies refusing to admit it is winter! Mike and I had stayed with family in Rainham on Saturday night and decided to make the most of the opportunity and the glorious sunshine on Sunday … [Read more...]