Eliminating fossil fuel by 2090

Can it really be done? GreenPeace believe it can. Have a look at the following: CLIMATE CAMPAIGN Video Please watch this historic video. The world could eliminate fossil fuel use by 2090 -- That's what Reuters and NewScientist … [Read more...]

Saying no to nuclear power.

The Bradwell nuclear power station still remains a blot on the landscape and yet this beautiful area (please see Bradwell Cockle Spit walk) is being threatened with a new build nuclear power station. Several public meetings are being held and, … [Read more...]

An eventfull weekend.

Phew! What a weekend!! It began quite nicely Friday evening with my youngest daughter's engagement party. Teri has been on her own for several years now, bringing up three young boys, holding down a job and, for the last couple of years, taking a … [Read more...]

Street Scene Officers in Southend

The term for me evokes images of street parties and lots of community music, dance and fun!! But Street Scene Officers have a much more serious role to play. Their role will be to work with local residernts to tackle enviro-crime issues such as … [Read more...]