Village Green and more

What a wonderful weekend. Weren't we lucky with the weather! Mike and I went to the Village Green event in Chalkwell Park on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it. We spent several hours wandering around - there was just so much happening.  I have to … [Read more...]

Love Your Planet, Choose Organic

Did you know we are already half way through this year's Organic Fortnight which runs from 6th to 21st September? The message for this year's fortnight is 'Love Your Planet, Choose Organic.' Food costs continue to rise and there are concerns that … [Read more...]

Would you like to help stop Japan whaling?

  Hey Rey Pearce, check out my origami whale!     Hey, check out my origami whale! I created it for the Greenpeace Send-a-Whale online protest against whaling by Japan. We need more origami whales to demonstrate the strong international support … [Read more...]

Irradiated spinach and lettuce gets the green light.

Once again, the food industry is playing dangerous games with our food. In an attempt to control disease-causing bugs the FDA has caved in to pressure and agreed that some of our food can be irradiated – started with spinach and lettuce. They … [Read more...]