Are your personal care products carcinogenic?

Researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey suggest that use of skin moisturers may be increasing the risk of skin cancer. Creams used in tests on mice were those used to treat the excessive dryness of eczema. They go on to say that when the same tests were carried out using products that did not contain certain ingredients such as mineral oil and sodium lauryl sulphate, there were no signs of increased cancer risk.

Surely concerns should not be just about the moisturisers we use? The suggestion is that ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulphate and mineral oil are carcinogenic. Many people have known that for a long time. But these ingredients are not just in skin moisturisers – they are in the majority of personal care products (shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, bubble bath, deodorant etc.) sold in supermarkets and high street stores – including baby products. Even some of the best known baby products contain these ingredients. Check the labels!

Be safe – make sure you purchase your products from a company that does not use any potentially carcinogenic ingredients, particularly for your children. 

Read the full story here.

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