Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice  Say NO to compulsory vaccinations You will have probably heard recent reports in the news that the government is considering  legislation to enforce compulsory vaccination of school age children and linking vaccinations  to … [Read more...]

NHS to offer slimming drug banned in America

The two current slimming drugs available on the NHS have side effects that preclude many people from using them:  Xenical, also known as orlistat, cannot be used by those with bowel problems; Reductil, or sibutramine, cannot be used by those with … [Read more...]

Green car of the year 2008

The environmental Transport Association (ETA) today announced the green car of the year - and shamed those that are the least green. The overall winner of the award has been named as the Toyota Yaris. The Dodge SRT-10 is named as the least … [Read more...]

FDA finally admits amalgam fillings are toxic.

America's health regulator, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has finally admitted that mercury fillings pose a health risk after years of saying they were safe. It admits that  these fillings “may have neuro-toxic effects on the nervous … [Read more...]