South East Essex Dragons

You may be interested in a group called SEE Dragons that work to raise awareness of environmental concerns, supporting this through positive energy known as Eco-magic. Monthly meetings will be held in Southend and will be posted on our events … [Read more...]

Banish the bags

As the ban to banish single use plastic bags hots up, M & S announce it will charge its customers 5p for these bags and todays DAILY MAIL NEWS  shows sickening pictures of a dead whale that must have suffered terribly from the amount of plastic … [Read more...]

Ban the plastic bag

The ongoing campaign against excess packaging is moving at a pace now as moves to ban single-use plastic bags continue. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged to elimate their use (but how high up on his agenda is this?) and The Mail has now started … [Read more...]

More reasons to avoid the anti-depressants

Around 2 million Britons take anti-depressant drugs including Prozac, Seroxat and Efexor. These drugs have, for some time, been linked to a host of side effects including suicide and suicidal thoughts. New research by Professor Irving Kirsch at the … [Read more...]