Back Pain - don't let it take over your life

Back Pain – don’t let it take over your life

Did you know that 80% of people experieince back pain at some point in their lives? for many of us, this might be a short term problem that can be eased with a warm bath and a massage: maybe overdoing the digging in the garden, for example. But for a large percentgae of people, back pain can be a … [Read More...]

Teaching children about money

Teaching children about money

 Why do we need to teach children about money? Money is the biggest cause of stress[1], and stress is now being named ‘the killer disease’[2]. You can join the dots. With the mounting pressures of modern-day life, it’s absolutely vital that we teach our children about money – and not just for … [Read More...]

Young people with environmental projects

Are you a young person, between 17 and 24, who cares about the environment? Have you got a project in mind that will use digital technology to help make a positive environmental impact? If so, you could apply for a grant of up to £10,000. The Environment Now programme is funded by O2 and the … [Read More...]

Are you an unpaid Carer in Southend?

Are you an unpaid Carer based in Southend? Would you be interested in voicing your opinions and discussing the types of provision available for carers? The Southend Carers Hub plans to have Carers voices at the heart of planning the support it provides in recognition of the knowledge and experience … [Read More...]


The Human Brain

The Science Behind the Human Brain – Protecting Your Most Vital Organ The mysteries of the brain may never be fully unravelled but what we do know is fascinating. The brain is made up of billions of different neurons and nerve fibres and they all play an important role in how our brain operates. … [Read More...]

Maintaining mobility in later years

Maintaining our mobility as we get older is important to all of us. Common sense generally informs us of what we should and shouldn't be doing to ensure we keep fit and active, but a little reminder often doesn't come amiss! This short video provided by Be Independent Home Care based in Ireland … [Read More...]

Research shoes e-cigarettes are safer than smoking

Research says e-cigarettes are safer than smoking

 A long term study funded by Cancer Research UK and published in Annals of Internal Medicine in February 2017 confirms that e-cigarettes are less toxic and safer to use than  conventional smoking. The research analysed the saliva and urine of smokers, long-term e-cigarette and NRT  (nicotine … [Read More...]

We don't judge at Just Listening To You.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

What does Mental Health Awareness Week mean to you? So it's mental health awareness week 2017 #mhaw2017. What do you want for you? Only you can answer this. For me, I only ever strive for peace of mind, I need my head to be in a safe place: when this is the case, I can cope with most … [Read More...]

Is bad breath making you depressed?

Good Riddance to Bad Breath - Infographic Bad breath is more than just an inconvenience. It can affect you in so many ways socially and professionally, often leading to depression. For example, it could prevent you from getting a job, with 68% of employers admitting that they would be discouraged … [Read More...]

Thorndon Hall Farm - horses

A lovely walk in Thorndon Country Park

A lovely birthday walk in Thorndon Country Park It was Mike's birthday on Saturday and so a relaxing day was called for. It was a gloriously warm, sunny day and an ideal time to go for a countryside walk. There are so many lovely places in Essex to choose from, but we decided we would revisit … [Read More...]

Samaritans National Walk

Walk for Samaritans this June

WALK FOR SAMARITANS THIS JUNE! How about joining us for a summer’s day walk by the sea AND supporting a very worthwhile cause at the same time? Walks for charity are not new, of course. Indeed, the annual Samaritans National Walk has been going for very many years. The good news for … [Read More...]

Carer’s Allowance – are you entitled?

Carer's Allowance: What Is It and Are You Entitled? Caring for a loved one due to an illness or disability can be difficult for a multitude of reasons but not least because of the financial impact. While you don’t want to (and can’t) turn your back on your parent, partner, child – or whoever may … [Read More...]


Lauriston Farm – a new Social Farming Initiative

Lauriston Farm in North East Essex is already doing a great deal to improve the local environment and support the local community. But there are exciting plans in place to increase those social and environmental impacts with the business being newly constituted as a not-for-profit Charitable … [Read More...]

Snap out of it

Anxiety – What Has Love Got to do with it?

Anxiety…what's love got to do with it? Well I tell you what, Love has a lot to do with everything under the Mental Health banner. I have experienced the tough attitude towards some of my peers and I which is a very old fashioned approach. In fact, downright rude, thoughtless, a total lack of … [Read More...]

Silver Birch and CC

Dementia Day Care in Southend

Are you caring for someone with dementia? Do you live in Southend? If you are looking after someone with dementia, particularly if you are a more mature person yourself and / or you have your own health challenges, you will know exactly how demanding that can be. As the strain increases to the … [Read More...]

Bernie Bentley

Bipolar – A Day in the Life of Just Listening to You

Bipolar - A Day in the Life of Just Listening to You This is an ordinary day for the support group Just Listening to You, a #mental health support group. The Westcliff grapevine worked, and on Saturday I receive a phone call about a #JLTY Friend; he was in hospital after what was described as … [Read More...]

sleeping girl

Quality sleep

The key to a healthy mind and body With the days shortening and the nights drawing in, it’s safe to say that a few extra hours under the duvet wouldn’t go amiss. But with the demands of modern life and our love of technology and screen time, fitting in those precious eight hours of sleep can be … [Read More...]

heinz ketchup winner


Heinz Tomato Ketchup reveals 2016 ‘Grow Your Own’ winner We all know the benefits of growing your own food, but having your own carefully nurtured tomatoes made in to a bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup isn’t something most of us will experience. But one Rochford lady has a bottle of Heinz Tomato … [Read More...]

porridge with raspberries and almonds

Ways to stay healthy on a budget

The fitness industry in the UK has experienced huge growth in the last few years, with more gym memberships and gym gear being bought than ever before. Aviva research shows that despite 64% of 16-34 year-olds not saving as much money as they’d like to, 15% felt they couldn’t live without a gym … [Read More...]

Just listening to you

Mental Health Blog – Introduction

An introduction to Mental Health and Just Listening to you Healthy Life Essex is delighted to be working with Just Listening to You to bring you a regular blog about mental health issues. The first blog in the series is provided by Harriet Stack who is a qualified Mind Calm Meditation Coach, … [Read More...]

Garden Wellbeing

Going to the gym can feel like a chore, can’t it? But, what if you could get the same benefits from stepping out the door into your garden? Well, you can – although you need to do a little bit more than step out there. If you enjoy gardening and you have a beautiful outdoor space at the end of it, … [Read More...]

Cap Money Course


Money issues can really have an impact causing stress, pressure and even problems with relationships.  CAP is a national charity which specialises in helping people with their money management; that charity believes that managing your finances as best as possible is an essential element of leading a … [Read More...]

Matt Eco House inforgraphic

Green your home: energy-saving measures to save you money

Have you thought about ways to save money by making your home more energy efficient? Just small changes without any initial outlay can often produce significant savings. Larger projects might need more consideration, but initial investments are sometimes recouped fairly quickly. This useful … [Read More...]

Air Conditioning & Your Health – Infographic

Is your Air Conditioning making you sick?

For most of us, air conditioning can be a blessing in the hot, sticky days of summer,but could it be damaging your health? Did you know that there is even an illness called ‘sick building syndrome’ and issues with air conditioning can be one of the contributing factors? The following infographic … [Read More...]

What You Need to Know About Stroke

What You Need to Know About Stroke – Infographic

There is a fatal stroke somewhere in the world every 10 seconds. But strokes don't always have to be fatal. Understanding the signs of stroke and what action to take can at the extreme be the difference between life and death: taking the right actions as quickly as possible will, for survivors, also … [Read More...]

Work life balance

Achieve a Healthier Work-Life Balance

8 Ways to Achieve a Healthier Work-Life Balance Are you struggling to juggle your career with your personal life? Trust me when I say, you’re not alone. Now more than ever, people are seeing the lines between work and social life blur. The competitive – achieve more with less – society that we … [Read More...]

drinking water

10 Ways to Become Healthier this Year

If you’ve vowed to hit the gym every day and never have a cheat meal, you’re probably being too hard on yourself. Being healthy doesn’t mean being a complete saint! Instead, there are lots of easy ways to become healthier, and we’ve whittled it down to ten of the best ideas. How many of these are … [Read More...]

Growing Veg is fun

The health benefits of growing your own.

The health benefits of growing your own veg. Have you had your 'five a day' today? We all know that eating vegetables is good for us, but the health benefits can be even greater if we grow our own food – not to mention the fact that harvesting vegetables from our back garden puts much less pressure … [Read More...]

home grown veg

5 Ways to Boost Healthy Eating in 2016

The beginning of a new year can prompt us to make some important changes in our lives, such as finally getting fit or losing weight. This year, to help you achieve your goals, why not focus your efforts on what you are eating? Here are five ways to boost your healthy eating in 2016: 1. Know your … [Read More...]

Jump fitness class

Fantastic fitness classes in Colchester

Fantastic fitness classes at Jump street in Colchester Want to get fit but don’t like the gym? If you live in or near Colchester, a new range of fitness classes available at Jump Street, Colchester’s popular trampoline park, could be the answer! Jump Street is expanding its increasingly popular … [Read More...]

Katy Dyer

Feng Shui for your wardrobe

Making it Personal! In the search for something a little different and perhaps more zen than rule-based, I discovered Fashion Feng Shui®. The perfect addition to all that I know, train and share about personal styling. Following style rules on colour, shape and your personal characteristics makes … [Read More...]

Food Waste?

Do you care about your environmental footprint? Are you concerned about Global Warming and committed to do your bit? Does that include reducing the amount of meat and dairy products you are consuming? Livestock’s contribution to global warming is huge: as you watch this infographic, the changes … [Read More...]


How to protect your family in 2016

Protecting your loved ones should be a primary concern at all times of your life, but perhaps particularly as the new year dawns. Maybe it time to make a few changes around the home, streamline your finances, or consider investing in technology. Here are several ways to make sure you’re doing your … [Read More...]

Woman with a glass of red wine

6 ways to become healthier in 2016

What is it that puts us off making healthy lifestyle changes? The thought of lots of gym work? Boring food? Cutting out your favourite things? For lots of us it’s all too much effort. We’ll just have one more drink, or doughnut, or lie-in, and take care of our health tomorrow. But taking care of … [Read More...]

Mike Ellen

Wellbeing in Essex schools

Essex schools use CBT to relieve exam pressure  League tables and exam results Talk to any teacher or educationalist and they will tell you that education nowadays is driven by an obsession with league tables and exam results. On 3 November, Education secretary Nicky Morgan made a speech at the … [Read More...]


How sugar affects our health

Our nation’s sweet tooth is under the spotlight as politicians and experts desperately search for a fix to Britain’s obesity problems. With one in four of the adult population classed as obese, Britain has been dubbed the ‘fat man of Europe’. While fatty, processed fast foods have long been … [Read More...]

Mountains by Louis Morel

Autism and Creative Thinking

Autism awareness For many years, young people struggling with autism were labelled as being slow and unsociable, often disruptive. Although research continues, the condition is now much better understood. Autism is a lifelong developmental disability which affects 1 in 100 people in the UK. It … [Read More...]

mop and bucket

Allergies and Cleanliness

Allergies and Cleanliness: How to Achieve the Right Balance Recent research has suggested that people’s obsession with cleanliness may be to blame for the increasing rise of common allergies, prompting such occurrences as asthma, eczema and hay fever symptoms. The science behind this … [Read More...]

Lucy with her dog

Hardships can make you a better person

We will all struggle at some point in our lives, go through hardship, bad times and difficult experiences. We will all have to come to terms with something we’d rather not, and we’ve all had to muddle through things as best we can. What we mustn’t forget is that struggle isn’t a sign of weakness; … [Read More...]


Allergies in the Workplace

How to Overcome Allergies in the Workplace Allergies are a living nightmare for many people around the world. Coughing, sneezing and drying our watery eyes with a tissue is enough to drive anybody crazy. Dealing with allergies and allergic reactions at work can be incredibly difficult, especially … [Read More...]


Should children be vaping?

Should parents be warning children about vaping instead of smoking? As parents we always hope our children will do the right thing, but at the same time we know they will make mistakes. The aim is for those errors in judgment to teach them a valuable lesson, and not for their mistakes to impact the … [Read More...]

Can technology improve your healthcare?

How technology is improving efficiency in medicine While healthcare standards vary across the globe, there is a continuous effort in many countries to improve the way patients are treated and handled. Not only are companies like Tente UK striving to provide hospitals with the latest necessary … [Read More...]

The team at Mind in West Essex

Stocking up your wellbeing stores

The holiday season is nearly over. People across Essex will be noticing the air cooling and becoming fresher, as the smoke of summer barbecues fades away. Traditionally, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering what you need to survive the winter. So while most people nowadays don’t have fields of … [Read More...]

Eat yourself Happy

We don’t endorse any specific diets or slimming companies, but this infographic from Atkins includes lots of useful hints and tips. … [Read More...]

Asperger Syndrome and Autism in Essex

I had a fabulous meeting today with the lovely Andrea, Development Worker for SAFE: Supporting Asperger Families in Essex. Andrea not only does a great job in helping to support and develop this wonderful charity, but also has three teenage boys to cope with who are all on the spectrum. In spite of … [Read More...]

Asperger’s syndrome and sensory overload in animation

Two people show how Asperger Syndrome affects their lives Danielle Jacobs shares a powerful video on her youtube channel showing what a ‘meltdown’ looks like and how her dog Samson helped to calm her down.  Not to be confused with a tantrum or bad behaviour, meltdowns typically occur as a response … [Read More...]

Keep it up

‘Move beyond anywhere you’ve gone before’

“Motivation, motivation, motivation” was the lifeblood of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Motivation was the fuel for 70,000 volunteers, and the superpower for 4,237 Superhumans. It led to a British tally of 65 (29 Gold) Olympic and 120 Paralympic medals. Now it’s time to crank up … [Read More...]

Club 50 in Southend – for the over 50s.

Club 60 is a local club in central Southend for the over 50's. (Please see below for updated information) The club meets every weekday for various activities including Snooker, Table Tennis, Short Mat Bowls, Watercolour Painting, Crafts, Line Dancing, Sequence/Ballroom/Belly Dancing, Keep Fit, … [Read More...]

Organic September

Organic September – Join in the fun

Have you seen the buzz around Organic September? Every year, in September, the Soil Association and its partners come together to celebrate and promote organic across the country. It’s a celebration of the organic movement and the chance to enjoy delicious and sustainable food and products grown … [Read More...]

Vacancy for manager at Club 50+ Southend

Manager required for Club 50+ Southend

Age Concern Southend-on-Sea (“ACSOS”) wishes to appoint a Manager to oversee the management of the day-to-day operations of Club 50+ Reports to:         CEO, Age Concern Southend-on-Sea Direct Reports: None Job Summary The aim of Club 50+, a registered charity located at 1b Queens … [Read More...]